My name is Georgios [Yorgos] Giannakopoulos and I am an intellectual historian. I studied political science and history in Greece (BA, MA Panteion University, Athens) before embarking on a PhD at Queen Mary, University of London.  My research revolves around ideas of nationality and internationalism in early 20th century British thought.  I am particularly interested in the intersection between regional knowledge, political influence and expertise in twentieth century Britain and Europe. More specifically, my doctoral research sought to uncover the rich repository of debates on Europe in early 20th century Britain and document the ways in which various nationalist struggles in East-Central Europe and the Balkans influenced domestic discussions on nationality and the empire in the run up to the Great War and its immediate aftermath. I am also interested in the nexus between the entwined histories of internationalism and imperialism , the emergence of nationalism as an object of academic enquiry and the growth of humanitarian practice in twentieth century Europe.

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