Research Projects

I have recently been working on a number of projects

The first project is a book project tentatively entitled  British Intellectuals and Imperial Order in Eastern Europe (1880-1930)

The second project brings my interest in the history of photography (and visual culture more broadly) together with more recent research engagements on the history of British humanitarianism (Cf. Journal of Modern Greek Studies, October 2016 ). The project is a comparative survey of the visual vocabulary of the unfolding  refugee crisis in the Aegean shores and the refugee crisis of the early 1920s in the aftermath of the Asia Minor catastrophe. Some preliminary thoughts are available here. The project will be presented in an event hosted by the Department of Modern Greece in the University of Copenhagen on June 2017.

The third project is tentatively entitled Reforming Greece: The history of an idea through the lens of the International Financial Commission (1898-1975). The project aims to recover the commissions’ meddling with Greek affairs through a closer examination of the mindset of its functionaries in the long period of its existence with a special focus on the thought of E. A. Law, one of the commission’s early protagonists.





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