Depicting the Pain of Others: Notes on the Asia Minor Refugee Crisis, University of Copenhagen, 24 June 2016. [Here’s an article published in the Danish Daily Weekendavisen, based on my talk ]

‘Depicting the Pain of Others: Photography, Refugees and the Ethics of Seeing in the Aegean Shores’Greece In Crisis: Culture/Identity/ Politics: One day colloquium, University of Oxford, 17 March 2015.

‘Politics of the Refugee crisis: Turning to Europe’s Peripheries: A discussion’, with Sophie Gonick and Max Holleran, European Horizons NYU, 2 December 2015.

‘Experts, Expertise and Eastern Europe: A Symposium’,  with Malgorzata Mazurek and Larry Wolff. Center for European and Mediterranean Studies, NYU , 2 December 2015.

Making Space: Regional Knowledge on East-Central Europe beyond the History of Area Studies, 1900–50. 129 Annual American Historical Association Meeting, New York, 5 January 2015. 

Nationality as a Global Problem in British Political Thought: 1914-1922, Institute of Historical Research , London, 06 May 2015.